Make your own “Persepolis”. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a grandparent (or someone who is like a grandparent to you)
  2. Schedule time with them. Saturday mornings are good.
  3. Ask them about their childhood.
  4. Let them talk. Allow silence.
  5. Record what they say… in writing.
  6. Decide: do you want to tell an overview of their whole childhood, or do you want to tell just a couple of stories. I would prefer the first, but either work.
  7. Put their story into a comic. (At least 30 frames.)
    1. Draw it by hand
    2. Draw it on the computer (Flash, Photoshop, etc)
    3. Use ComicLife. 30-day trial available.
    4. Use Kerpoof online. (create free account)
    5. Use MakeBeliefsComix online.
    6. Use XtraNormal online. (create free account)
  8. Fine-tune. Revise. Start over. Make it perfect.
  9. Share it: print it, post it, show it.